Monday, July 31, 2006

New Palestinian Craze: US Army Gear

Bizarre, for sure.
Wearing a green Hamas headband, waving a Hamas flag, swinging a Kalashnikov and chanting for Israel's demise, Bassem Shorah looks to be a prototypical Palestinian militant.

His olive green shirt, however, tells a different story. It's a spot-on replica of those worn by soldiers in the United States Army, replete with combat patches and unit designations.

Though he's a committed Islamist activist in a movement that denounces the United States for supporting Israel and occupying Iraq, Shorah proudly sports what has become the latest trend in Palestinian street wear: US military apparel.

"This is the new fashion in the market," says Shorah. "It's a show of force, because the US army is powerful. It's a symbol of strength and of our refusal to put down arms"...

On their television sets these young people see images of US soldiers in Iraq, and they view them as the ultimate symbol of military might...

The trend is not limited to clothing. At barber shops across the West Bank and Gaza young Palestinians are demanding what's known as a "Marines," meaning a high and tight crew cut, the kind that is mandatory for US Marines."

Similarly, Abu Sim, a rank and file gunman in the Popular Resistance Committees' armed wing, has wrapped the barrel of his Kalashnikov with desert camouflage padding, another nod to US military fashion.

"I saw a US Marine sniper on TV doing the same thing," he says. "It's natural to copy the US military because they are powerful and so are we."

They even have baby clothes and pink camo with US Army on it for the ladies.

Strange. Palestinian militants look up to the US Army moreso than our own Hollyweirdos do, even though it's the Hollyweirdo's freedom that's being guaranteed by the work our brave soldiers do. Most of the Palestinians would gladly kill a US soldier, yet they respect them and revere the job they do. Our Hollywood elitists and ultra-libs like Cindy Sheehan, Susan Sarandon, and Sean Penn hate our soldiers, libel our soldiers, slander our soldiers, and then abuse the rights those soldiers protect every day.

All of this proves one thing: Gaza is cooler than LA. I think the next NFL franchise should go to Gaza, instead of Los Angeles. Or, maybe the Los Angeles Angels baseball team could play a few home games in Gaza, like on the Fourth of July, when the crowd in Gaza is certain to be more patriotic than half of LA would be.


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